March 2002


At the end of my first year as president I find out how difficult it is to summarise the years activity. Next year if elected I will keep a diary of important events.

When I started last year it was my plan to put our ideas for musculoskeletal medicine firmly in front of decision makers in the Royal colleges and the government departments. The text proved quite easy to produce and was ready and agreed for September. However, the production of the final pamphlet and its distribution is only now possible. The work necessary to finalise this project has been considerable. I would here like to thank the council for support and a budget and Deena for not grumbling too much about the extra workload. The brochure was sent out this last week to many notables including at the House of Commons launch of an All Party Parliamentary Group for BackCare organised by Swiss Life for BackCare. I had the honour of presenting the first address.

Also about this time last year UKADIS came into being and following a lot of hard work from a number of BIMM members has produced a useful and informative e-group and website, which I must recommend to you. I expect us to work together for mutual development of our parallel courses.

Talking of courses, our education sub-committee under the chairmanship of John Tanner has developed a new course structure covering the full syllabus in 8 week long modules. This represents a boost for our training program and puts us in the vanguard of FIMM educational development. Mike Hutson, as president has restructured FIMM over the last few years. As well as him, John Tanner and Richard Ellis represent us on the education and scientific committees respectively. It is my feeling that, although FIMM has achieved little as yet in real terms it is about to come of age. In this country what is happening in Europe and the rest of the world carries weight, which I intend to use over the next few months and, if given the opportunity, years.

You will be hearing more from the other officers about their various activities, notably from our treasurer who has reservations about our reserves. My job now is to thank the officers and council on your behalf for turning out and giving time to keep this organisation going and growing.

My thanks to them also for their support.