Modular Course in Musculoskeletal Medicine
The course is targeted for GP's who wish to develop a special interest in musculoskeletal problems; SpR's in rheumatology, orthopaedics and pain medicine, occupational physicians and sports medicine practitioners.

It consists of eight modules of 35 hours each, totalling 280 hours of attendance. The course is normally designed to run over a two and a half year period, but participants can opt to spread the course over a longer period or in certain circumstances select only those modules most appropriate to their needs.

Intake numbers may be variable, but the ratio of students to tutors will remain at an optimum of 8:1.

Injection Therapies
This course covers the latest practices in injection / dry needling therapies. Including Epidural, Prolotherapy and Facets Joint. Designed to update those already using the technique and basic instruction for general practitioners wishing to introduce the techniques into primary care.

These are held throughout the year all over the United Kingdom and Europe. The format is one of lectures and workshops which allows a lot of "hands on" instruction. Each one promises something special and different.

We are a source for your learning needs; BIMM courses create an environment for anyone interested in musculoskeletal disorders. If there is something specific you wish to learn about, or you would like to run a course yourself, please contact Deena Harris who will to help you achieve your goals.